101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World

101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World

by Julia Adams, read by Patricia Rodriguez and Seroca Davis

Discover the lives of 101 trailblazing women and the remarkable things they achieved!

This audiobook is packed with bitesize biographies of activists, leaders, athletes, artists, explorers, and STEM innovators. From the celebrated to the overlooked, these women overcame odds, defied expectations and shattered stereotypes, and their stories are sure to inspire young listeners and encourage them to dream big.

Spanning across history and from all over the globe, these figures include:

• Malala Yousafzai

• Marie Curie

• Maya Angelou

• Wangari Maathai

• Anne Frank

• Simone Biles

• Ada Lovelace

• And many more!

Written in a friendly and accessible style, this book includes quotations and fun facts which bring the lives of these inspiring women to life.

Perfect for kids aged 7+.

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