Social impact

Children's publishing is more than an industry; for those who work in it, it's a vocation. Nay, a calling! And while we answer the calling by making more stories and information accessible to more children, we also have a responsibility to break down barriers wherever we can.

Every child should be able to read, period. It's not just good business for us and our clients. It's the right thing for our world.

So we are not just talking the talk: a full 10% of our profits - from every service we provide - goes to charities, organisations, or programmes working at the grassroots level around the world to get kids reading.

We'll be highlighting more of these amazing people and their stories soon, so check back to learn more!


La Puerta Abierta

In a brightly coloured converted garage in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, there's a "vibrant learning center for students of all ages with a focus on meaningful education and literacy outreach."

It truly operates a puerta abierta (open door) policy!

The team at PA believe all children deserve opportunity, and that literacy is at the heart of creating brighter futures. Their travelling library programme ensures that children in deeply rural areas have access to books, and their community classes prioritise early childhood education and family enrichment.

Learn more about this incredible initiative here!