Real-life Disasters: a podcast partnership with b small publishing

Real-life Disasters: a podcast partnership with b small publishing

The Audio Agency and b small publishing are collaborating on a podcast adaptation of their bestselling non-fiction title, Real-life Disasters by children's writer Susan Martineau. 

b small and Martineau have greenlit the series following the production of a pilot episode on the Titanic by AA's stellar production team. The series will draw from disasters explored in Martineau's book, such as the Krakatau eruption, the dinosaur extinction, and the Black Death. 

AA writer and producer Katie Sparks says, "Kids want to know about the world, and that includes its dangers. What I love so much about Susan's writing is that she doesn't shy away from the hard facts, but she gives plenty of space for children to understand what steps humans have taken to meet disasters and mitigate their effects, and what we've learned from them for the future. This podcast is all about providing information and reassurance, but it's also a celebration of research and problem-solving skills through the unique mechanism of a 'disaster dossier', which are so important for children to value."

"I’m really excited about the Titanic podcast and can’t wait to hear more disaster episodes. I hope they will inspire all young investigators out there!"

- Susan Martineau

Sam Hutchinson, Publisher at b small publishing, says "We’ve long wanted to create an audio version of Real-life Disasters and The Audio Agency have been the perfect partner to make this happen. The original book is fully illustrated in colour by Vicky Barker so it’s thrilling to see Susan’s text and research brought to life in a new way with top-quality narration and exciting sound effects - the pilot stands on its own two feet and will make an excellent podcast whilst also complementing the existing book."

The series, hosted by Sparks and veteran narrator and sound designer Joseph Degnan, will launch in June 2024 on all major podcast platforms.


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